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Video Production&Photography

Video Production & Editing

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Thinking about viewer duration is necessary when living in the era of TikTok and YouTube videos. Let's be honest, if your video does not visually relate to the audience you are attempting to promote to, it's likely they will quickly press the STOP button and move on.


Our goal? Help your viewers press, and stay, on PLAY!


We want to collaborate with you to determine how best to present your brand and personalize your video. It's essential that we find creative ways to interact with your viewers to find new ways to keep their attention. Let us help you produce a new way to film, edit and display your recording.  If you are an entertainer in need of a submission, website or social media video, call us!  If you are an athlete in need of a prospect video, call us!  If you have a pre-existing video that needs some innovative editing revisions, call us!  Below are just a few video production services we provide. 

  • Performance Videos

  • Submission Videos

  • Prospect - Athlete & Recruitment Videos

  • Social Media Videos

  • Music Videos

  • & More


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 "A picture is worth a thousand words," is an incredibly true statement.  Our high quality and creative images help us tell your story and promote your brand.  We consider photography as an art that takes a true professional to understand how lighting and angles can make a good image look great but a great image look amazing.  

Our goal? To make you and your brand look amazing!


We will collaborate with you to set your photo location and to capture the look and feel you want us to achieve. If you are an entertainer or athlete in need of headshots or action shots, call us!  If you are a business in need of product images, call us!  If you have an event or show you want us to photograph, call us!  Below are just a few of the photography services we provide. 

  • Performer/Athletes Headshots

  • Show Photography

  • Sports Photography

  • Venue Photography

  • Product, Food and Merch Photography

  • & More

Meet our Video Producer & Photographer

Levester Johnson Jr. began his creative career creating content for the Cleveland music scene. The value of enhancing profiles for influencers and venues was quickly understood. His media projects soon became noticed by a prominent Atlanta Talent Agency contracting a host of celebrities ranging between the categories of NFL, NASCAR, NBA, MLB, Major Record Labels, and well known Broadcast Networks. Further utilizing content creation to solidify a successful career presence, Levester leveraged his skill sets in managing a cyber security department for a large insurance corporation.

IT Security Awareness is not always about reports or numbers. Developing media to educate employees for required cyber security simulations has proven to be a much needed resource. In his latest endeavors, Levester started applying his media creation abilities for artists and venues in the comedy entertainment business. His work in this area has been well received which is a motivating factor to continue being an instrumental part of building legacies.

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